Custom Roadster Replica



All aluminum bodied Roadster features high strength, security and superior surface quality. High stressed areas are attached to the tubular steel chassis using a steel sub frame, which is providing the strongest, most durable and stable body in the market. All inner liners are in 6061 aluminum alloy including floor panels, fire wall, rear bulkhead, front wheel wells, doors, hood and trunk, processed by a CNC laser cutting system for accurate cut outs. 

Behind the aluminum door panels are steel inner structures for personal protection. The chassis provides CAD engineered impact protection. In case of a rear collision the fuel cell will not advance straight toward you but through the under floor section of the car and the front section will fold down, absorbing a front impact. All brackets, hinges and panels are computer designed and CNC machined.

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We are manufacturing our  aluminum bodies to exact dimensions (no stretched wheelbase) using original specifications. In addition we are providing a larger pedal box and leg space for big guys.

Features of complete Roadster build:

  • Complete aluminum body, including door, hood and trunk.
  • Aluminum doors with a steel frame structure.
  • Complete powder coated original style chassis. Including all mounts ready to accept your selected engine and transmission.
  • 6061 aluminum inner panels for the firewall, foot section, inner wheels, floor pan and passenger area.
  • Engine bay aluminum assembly with aluminum nose sections and dirt guards.
  • Fully adjustable custom A-arm front suspension.
  • Spindles and all around disc brake system, including:
  • Koni high performance shock absorbers including coil-over kit.
  • 3-link rear suspension with a solid Ford axle. (Independend rear suspension is optional).
  • Complete paint job. You can choose the main and stripes color. (Fancy colors optional).
  • Complete black carpet set and authentic roadster metal framed seats with black leather. (other colors availabe)
  • Dash board with glove box and vintage style gauges.
  • Emergency brake and chrome shifter handle, shift knob and boot.
  • Complete electric assembly comes with dash buttons, toggles and indicator lights, switches, and horn. Battery mount including battery.
  • Aluminum dashboard including black leather with dash indicators, red, green, blue dash lights.
  • Complete new steering sytem including 14” wooden steering wheel.
  • Original style three-lock set including T-trunk handle, L-shaped hood handles.
  • Quick Jack front and rear bumpers.
  • 5-point Simpson Brand Harnesses.
  • WILWOOD brake, clutch and accelerator pedal.
  • Ford Coyote 5.0 engine with 412 BHP and a 6-speed manual transmission (Other engine/transmission options optional).
  • 17″ x 9″ front, 17″x10″ rear    or    15″ x 9″ front, 15″x10″ rear Halibrand wheels.
  • Complete wind screen with frame, DOT safety glass compliant and sun deflectors.
  • Original style DOT headlamp assemblies.
  • Original style front turn signals, amber and red twin filament rear tail-lights (DOT on all lighting).
  • Side and rear mirrors.
  • Authentic door locks.
  • Performance air filter
  • All fuel and brake lines installed.
  • Quick-jack competition bumpers with stainless steel sleeves.
  • Ceramic coated side pipe exhaust including performance headers. (Stainless steel side pipe optional).
  • Engine vents.
  • Drivers roll bar.
  • LeMans flip top gas cap.

What is included in our turnkey Roadster? Our aluminum Cobra ready to go. Painted, aligned and adjusted.

  • Complete LEATHER upholstery. And we mean complete.
  • 15″ or 17″x10″ /17″x9″ Halibrand replica wheels.
  • Engine & transmission installed.
Classic Import Auto specializes in vintage and unique cars from the the pre-war and post-war eras. We specialize in historical replicas, full restorations, and scale models of classic automobiles.

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